Solutions we enable

B2C Neo/Challenger Apps


Next generation Neo/Challenger apps. Move beyond core functionality and wrap content/offers and loyalty into the mix.

SME in a Box Solutions


Small businesses need easy to use flexible solutions.  Instant account creation, invoicing and payments. Work with existing accounts via open banking feeds.

Co-Brand Client Solutions


We have the platform to enable co-brand and private label programs to implement compelling new customer journey solutions.

Our clients


Revolutionise Credit, Debit & Prepaid Card programs

Rapid Digital Transformation

We enable banks / issuers to rapidly launch mobile and digital technologies that appeal to digital first consumers.  Significantly reduce risk and time to market and integrate legacy processes then consume all of our capabilities.

Beyond Traditional Banking

Instant issuance, fintech features merged seamlessly with loyalty, commerce and payments. Banks can now evolve into enabling groups between customers and merchants.

Co-Brand & Loyalty Programs

Customer journey digital transformation

Loyalty Programs Reinvigorated

Co-brand and loyalty programs will be increasingly constrained due to the economic model and lack of relevance to a large portion of their members.  

We enable these programs to unlock significant revenue potential across the total customer base. Wrap FinTech features seamlessly into core loyalty 

CardGenY is helping some of the leading Co-brand programs to evolve.

Fintech's & Next Gen Challengers


CardGenY - enabling commercially viable FinTech's

The next generation FinTech's and Challenger will need to offer a range of FInTech features and be relevant to their customers on a far wider basis. 

Features such as instant issuance, real time redemptions, open banking, commerce, loyalty, payments and targeted promotions via rich analytics....this is what CardGenY delivers. 

Acquirers | PSP's

Acquirers and payment groups can now add differentiated services

Differentiated Value 

With digitalisation and climbing customer expectations wrapping new value-added fintech services around core payments processing is no longer an option.

Retail Intelligent Solutions 

Merchants are looking for retail intelligence integrated with payments processes. By integrating our loyalty, and campaign communication suite, Acquirers and Payment Solution providers can deliver compelling solutions to create frictionless customer experience. 


  • Mobile UX - iOS and Android UX components - embed or complete rapid build of an end to end customer journey solution

  • Open Banking API - Use our integrated partners universal API

  • Content Warehouse / Commerce - Merchant offers, travel, merchandise, events

  • KYC & Real-time Issuance - KYC & in-app Issuance / IBAN's / Debit & Prepaid

  • Campaign Management / Promotions engine - Loyalty and offers promotions encompassing demographic, location, spend based etc

  • Loyalty Management - Launch complex loyalty earn through burn programs

  • Personal Financial Management - Budgeting and track spending

  • Card Management & Tokenisation 






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